Saturday, October 3, 2009


PRB Quilt, originally uploaded by 30andquilting.

Now that the weather here in So Cal is getting a little cooler (80 deg), I can quilt and not be totally gross and sweaty when I'm done. So I've been working on a few projects. Christmas and new baby gifts...

First up, the PRB (pink, red, blue) quilt which is a x-mas gift. Just needs to be washed for crinkly goodness and labeled! Do you remember that I actually made 3 of these quilt tops a while back? Well, the first one is done!


  1. Ooh!! This is so pretty!! You did a great job!! I really like the prints against the white!!

  2. wow, you have been really busy. this is beautiful. the colors are great.

  3. oooh, new baby gifts? like for sara? :)

  4. love it :] white sashing is my fav.