Monday, August 31, 2009

What would you take?

The Station Fire is less than 2 miles from my house. Not that the fire would actually make it down the mountain to Pasadena ( I hope) it did cross my mind and if we had to evacuate, what would I take? My mental list went like this: Pictures, laptop, external hard drive, that bad??? I'm sure you would all do the same, right?!

Friday, August 28, 2009

Don't be scared!

DSC02751, originally uploaded by 30andquilting.

This is actually my 30th b-day present...I know, it looks a bit scary right now! Lots of bright colors are on the way but large tattoos take time, so this is definitely a WIP! I'll post new pics after I have appts...
This is actually after a session on Wed afternoon - 4 hours of shading! You can't see in this pic, but there is A LOT of work that was done on the backside of my arm.

Artist - Paul Dhuey of Guru Tattoo in Pacific Beach (San Diego), CA

oh, did I mention that I drive 2 hours each way to subject myself to this?! ha!

I am officially 30!

DSC02726, originally uploaded by 30andquilting.

Well, I turned 30 at the end of July....

Here is the stacks of FINISHED quilts (minus the wedding gift quilt) that I have made by the time I turned 30. I think I'm doing pretty good! Quilting has been an awesome stress reliever (and producer) and has led me to meet awesome new people, patterns, creativity I didn't know I had, and of course...fabric!

I've been back into the swing of sewing lately - several dolls, purses, and dresses for Avery. Pics to come soon!