Thursday, April 15, 2010


Yay! It's done! I just finished binding it and I wanna put up a quick post before A gets up from her nap....

I definitely tried to do something out of my comfort zone with this quilt...I used solids, didn't use white sashing, and I even backed it in blue...and normally I would have went for pink. The scariest part was quilting in a lighter thread color so I knew it would have to be spot on or you'd totally notice if I did a shitty job stippling.

I used 32 different solids for this quilt instead of the 40 Elizabeth wanted us to use because I didn't have enough different colors (especially purples and blues) or I just didn't like the color. So some colors have 3 blocks instead of 2. Almost all of the fabrics came from my scrap bin...and no, it's not any smaller. It is sashed in Kona Charcoal and stippled with a medium gray thread.

The back....

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Paintbox sneaky peek

Paintbox sneaky peek, originally uploaded by 30andquilting.

Just a glimpse of the paintbox quilt! Stippling it now....

Sashed in Kona new fave solid!

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Baby quilt...

I almost forgot! I made this baby quilt using this tutorial...which was super fast and easy. This is a gift for a family member who is having a little girl next month. I have a confession to make....I don't love it. I intentionally used fabrics that I didn't want anymore just to get rid of them. Is that bad? I mean, when I make a quilt, I want to LOVE it and not give away...but this one...I happily tied a ribbon around it and gave it a new home.
I'm glad that I keep this blog my dirty little secret and that she won't be reading this.....

Bees and Easter

I know, it's been a little while....keeping up with blogging is a lot of work! How do you all do it?

First up is Avery's Easter dress that I made from this book . The book is's has a bunch of patterns and ideas for embellishing clothes...but the pictures aren't that great. So I had to wing it when I decided to do ruffles. This dress took HOURS to make but I'm glad I finished it. Yes, that is my hubby Sean in the background. He thinks the dress looks like it's from Little House on the Prairie or like Avery belongs to a Polygamist group. I told him that I don't think they don't wear such bright colors or ruffles.

On Saturday I worked on my Paintbox Quilt and then got distracted staring at the Dresden template I bought a few weeks ago. Thanks to Chris who showed us her amazing quilt with a dresden flower at our LAMQG meeting a few months back....I've been wanting to make one.
So.....I had to hurry because A was napping and I knew she'd be up soon....I was able to get the dresden done then she woke up and I finished the rest that night. It is the first quilt that I've made start to finish in one day and it was an awesome quick fix! I put it in her basket and she threw it to the side to get to the rest of the goodies. Oh, well. Maybe it'll be a wall hanging.

Bees....Avery got stung by her first one last week on her finger. She cried and was mad at the bees for the day. But at least she not allergic and it motivated me to pick up her Epi-pens from the pharmacist. (she's allergic to peanuts) On a side note - it's incredible the amount of candy that has peanuts. My pockets were full of peanut butter cups and snickers from the egg hunt she did at brunch. And no, I didn't throw them away! No way I'd waste perfectly good chocolate.
Here are my bee blocks for the Bee Mod group at the LAMQG and The Block Swap on Flickr.
March blocks for Lisa @ LAMQG

April blocks for Leslie @ LAMQG

Confetti blocks for Paloma @ The Block Swap