Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Lots of bags!

So a few a months back I won a Chic or Treat Jelly Roll from Quilt Taffy. I've been looking at it for a few months and decided that I just couldn't make a quilt out of it...and I'm sure you understand why. So I made about 8 Trick or Treat bags!

I gave them all away to friends...and of course I made A one that was a little more special... They are about 10x12...

I bought some home dec fabric from here for $5 a yard! I know, I know. It's Prairie Gothic from Jane Sassaman and the pattern for this bag is the Birdie Sling by Amy Butler. You may recall that I made this same bag about 6 months ago in Amy Butler home dec fabric - It is very large and I've been using it as a diaper/carryall bag when I'm out. I absolutely LOVE it. It has 2 large pockets inside and soo roomy! I made the pink/red bag for my lil' sis for x-mas and the black one is for me! I needed a little more hardcore bag to go with the hardcore tat on the arm that's carrying it...but still cute!

The butterfly/moth is on the strap and on the band that goes around the bag.

I love the lining....I used the red lining in the red bag and the black in the red, just a little something extra when you look inside!

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