Wednesday, August 4, 2010

A quilt top and a birthday gift

Sorry for the crappy pictures! I took them last night after the sun started to set. Anyhow, I'm sure you get the idea! This baby is 90x100! I'm working on the back now and I'm already nervous about quilting it! How am I going to get it to fit in the neck of my machine!?!

I turned 31 about 2 weeks ago. My hubby hired a photographer to take pics of Avery and I for my gift. He said that all the pics we have in iPhoto are of him and Avery...because I'm always behind the camera. So this was a great gift! But then he ordered huge canvas prints of a few pics to hang in our living room! Here are a few of the pictures....there were 264 of them!
If you remember a few posts back I mentioned a Tinkerbell and Friends costume pattern I bought...well, she's wearing the dress (and wings) I made for her in some of the shots.

My fave pic of Avery.

I love this one....she was over taking pictures and said "I wanna go home!" and just took off down the path! It's funny to think that her face is all pouty and mad in this shot!