Friday, August 28, 2009

I am officially 30!

DSC02726, originally uploaded by 30andquilting.

Well, I turned 30 at the end of July....

Here is the stacks of FINISHED quilts (minus the wedding gift quilt) that I have made by the time I turned 30. I think I'm doing pretty good! Quilting has been an awesome stress reliever (and producer) and has led me to meet awesome new people, patterns, creativity I didn't know I had, and of course...fabric!

I've been back into the swing of sewing lately - several dolls, purses, and dresses for Avery. Pics to come soon!


  1. how refreshing. i'm 29, and recently embarked on quilting as a stress relief. so far so good :] i love this post. here's to a new generation of quilters, yeah?

  2. thanks for stopping by my blog! your quilts are beautiful!

    so funny thing about you being a nicole and a leo, my husband's name is shawn too! crazy! now don't tell me your middle name is rene too. only probably spelled correctly. ;)

  3. i'm so impressed by you nicole! :) and love that you have a blog too :) whata nice little secret you've been keeping!