Friday, August 28, 2009

Don't be scared!

DSC02751, originally uploaded by 30andquilting.

This is actually my 30th b-day present...I know, it looks a bit scary right now! Lots of bright colors are on the way but large tattoos take time, so this is definitely a WIP! I'll post new pics after I have appts...
This is actually after a session on Wed afternoon - 4 hours of shading! You can't see in this pic, but there is A LOT of work that was done on the backside of my arm.

Artist - Paul Dhuey of Guru Tattoo in Pacific Beach (San Diego), CA

oh, did I mention that I drive 2 hours each way to subject myself to this?! ha!


  1. Happy Birthday to You...That is alot of work. May I ask why you chose this? I have a tatto and love to hear the reason people get them. I say one day I am going to write a book of stories and pictures of tattoos. When I turned 30 I wanted a tattoo my baby brother was going to take me to get one, but my husband said if I got one NOT to come home. Well when I turned 35 my baby brother was in a coma due to a motorcyle accident. Of course you say and do anything for death not to came. I told him if he would just wake up we would get that tattoo, well he passed away and the next month me and five of his friends got the same tattoo he had. I was ready to be thrown out the house ., but no my husband did not throw me out the house. Sorry this is so long, I just wanted to share...MISSY @ Southern Queen Bee

  2. Thanks! Better hurry on the book idea - because Kat Von D of LA Ink is writing a book of the tattoo's she has done and the stories behind them!
    Thank you for sharing your story with me! I'm sorry about your brother but I'm happy to hear that you have something on your body to remind you of him every time you look at it...and that your hubby was ok with it!
    My hubby is actually pretty covered with tattoos and I have several myself - I'd talked about getting a half sleeve for the longest time, but then we got married and had a daughter and life just got tooo busy and I didn't pursue getting an appointment scheduled to get it started. So my b-day present from the hubby was an appt for the day after my b-day. What a surprise! If you go to my flickr account you can see the inside of my arm- which is a praying mantis. And that was my original idea - not too girly, but a praying mantis and flowers somewhere in there. I have a love for zombies - yes, Night of the Living Dead zombies - so a skull was a good focal point om my arm. I told the artist I wanted a 'Goonies' type skull with jewels. And I let him use his skills and come up with something - and what you see is what he drew up! I loved it! So, no real reason behind the exact tattoo...but a praying mantis means good luck, lotus flowers mean renewal, and the tibetan skull is pretty interesting in itself but symbolizes wisdom. I just can't wait to get some color so it doesn't look sooo hardcore!

    plan on getting another???

  3. this is fantastic! nice birthday present

  4. Don't tell anyone but I have a tattoo as well. Only a couple people know. It is very out of character for me at least most who know me would be shocked. I designed it myself and my son took me to get it for my birthday as well. I like having it and not having anyone else know. Anyway can't wait to see yours colored in.