Wednesday, April 29, 2009

My time

has been directed elsewhere. Quilting, sewing, pressing - have been put on hold. Ok...I admit it. I am as smitten as a teenage girl. I have been reading the Twilight book series non-stop. Like 600 pages read in one day. I am halfway through the the 4th book and as soon as I'm finished I'll be back to my sewing machine. But...I will definitely miss Edward Cullen. Guess it's a good thing that I have the DVD at home to watch again...and drool over.

Have you read the series? And were you as hooked as I am?? only wish is that there was more 'action' between Bella and Edward...yes, I know, the books are for young adults, but still!


  1. I've been sewing while listening to the series on CD!! :) (from the library!)

  2. I've been hooked on the series too. Edward is MINE! I'm glad I watched the movie after I read the books though. Edward looks much different in the movie than my imagination. (I like my edward better)
    And yes I agree, more action would be nice.

  3. They are great books on tape to sew to! I am re- listening to them right now as I am sewing. It is so nice! I love revisiting them every so often. I read the series the first time just like you did-- in a mad crazy binge.