Thursday, May 26, 2011


I've moved my sewing space from the kitchen and into the master bedroom....which gives me some 'personal space' when I'm sewing and allowed me to take my fabric out of plastic bins and onto shelves so I can be inspired and see all of the beautiful fabric everyday! And I'm sad to say that I haven't been doing much sewing....I've slowly been working on blocks for my sister's HS graduation quilt. But THIS is why I haven't been sewing.....I've been knitting! As Avery says "mitting". This is the reason I was so hesitant to learn because I knew I would have to spread myself even thinner with being a wife and mom, sewing and reading. I'm making a Cardigan....this be exact. I know, brave of me for my second project to be a friggin sweater! And I'm also making this shawl.....and absolutely love it! I hope I can get it finished during my flight and layover to Texas next week for sister's graduation ceremony! I should be taking her finished quilt with me...but...I did buy her a LARGE Coach bag to use away at college next year to carry her laptop/books. And I think that in lieu of a quilt (which I'll give to her in July when she and my brother are here for the summer) a Coach bag is pretty sweet.


  1. your colors are so bold and awesome...this is going to be on mac-daddy shawl! and ummm, ya, anything coach is a pretty sweet gift!

  2. Beautiful my sister how I wish to have you here

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