Tuesday, February 22, 2011


Sorry, I've been absent from this poor blog for a few months. The holidays were busy, Avery turned 3, and our family had the flu and I had pneumonia the whole month of January. Excuses, I know! But I have been sewing! The pics below are from my phone (cause I'm blogging from work...shhhh!) and they aren't that fantastic, but I will post 'real' pics soon! Also, this weekend is the retreat into the snow laden mountains just outside of LA for the LAMQG! This is going to be an alcohol and coffee fueled till 3am sewing marathon weekend...I'll take pictures of that too!

First up...a dress I whipped up using a tee and a tutu. I appliqued Moono on the tee...this was for Av when we took her to see Yo Gabba Gabba live! We had pit tickets, which was cool ( and Gwen Stefani was sitting behind us with her boys, and yes....she looks fucking amazing in person), but was weird considering just a few years ago the only concerts I had pit tickets too were ACTUAL concerts.
Hubby bought me a Kindle for Christmas and I love it...but it needed a cover! So I whipped up two and mailed the Mendo one to my lil sis in Texas. BTW, she graduates HS this year and found out yesterday that she has been accepted to Sam Houston University!
This is just a crappy pic of the layout. Made this for my MIL. And it turned out so cool that I was tempted to keep it. I gave it to her before taking a pic - but I'll get some next time we're over.
Pebble quilting my Flickr bee quilt. It's a bit larger than a twin. Pebbling was super easy, but takes a ton of time and used 5 spools of thread and about 12 bobbins....
See my skin for my Bernina??? love it! Little flowers with skulls....


  1. You skinned your sewing machine! That is so completely awesome and I never knew it was possible! I'm off to see if I can skin my Janome...

  2. Fabulous kindle covers - really lovely

  3. Ooh I love the pebble quilting!!!! I want to try that!