Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Heather Ross Studio Sale loot!

I received my package today! I asked for girl's clothes in 4t and fabric scraps! I got exactly what I asked for....and more! oh and I spent $50!

Fabric cuts are: snails 1/2 yard, dots 1 yard. Does anyone recognize it?

This dress is a thick jersey looks so comfy! But I am always scared to put Avery in anything white! Maybe she'll do better next summer when I bust this out!

Her signature is cut off...but she signed each print! I think I may need to fame them and hang in A's room.


  1. what a fantastic bunch of stuff

  2. That is GREAT! I missed it this year by 20 minutes, I think. Congrats! I LOOOOVED the haul I made last year! Hope miss A appreciates her munki goodness. Ella loved her last year!

  3. Awesome score! I am so sad I missed this sale!!! The prints are amazing.