Monday, June 7, 2010

This is hard....

finding time to update my blog is hard! How do you do it?
This is going to be a long post!

First up-

A raffle quilt for the Los Angeles Modern Quilt Guild. Members volunteered to make a block or two for two raffle quilts - one warm and one cool using a piece of fabric given to us and using the rest from our stash. Then I volunteered to put the top and back together. It's a big one too, about 80x80. Do you see my note at the top of the quilt? When I layed it out I gave it a 'direction' and when it's quilted I'd like the top and bottom to match up! ha!

Chris! This is all your fault! You were hand sewing hexes at our monthly guild sew and I was I'm addicted!

Avery has turned into a super girly-girl. Dresses all the time - and I mean all the time. Even to bed OVER her pj's. And even in the bath a few times because she refused to take it off! The more ruffles the better to spin around I used solid scraps left over from my paintbox quilt back to make this skirt. I attached it to a tank I picked up at Target for $2. And this skirt is EXTRA full....the bottom ruffle used 5 selvedge to selvedge strips....that's over 200" of fabric!

I've been holding on to a large stack of Dolce by Tanya Whelan Fabric for a while now and adding coordinating prints to the stack when I came across them. Then I hit a wall. I had NO idea what to do with them! I didn't want to cut into the beautiful large print poppies! Then of course Elizabeth inspired me with this....that woman is a motha f'n genius.

btw....that is a Tinkerbell and friends pattern in the corner....figured I'd make A a wear all year round! Joanns had a sell of their Simplicity patterns for $1 each. So I picked up a few halloween costume patterns. They are normally 16.95! crazy deal! I also picked up a pattern of various pirate outfits....OMG, so cute!

block up close...


  1. this is a gorgeous quilt i love the avery used to love her dresses too. this one is so cute....she had jumping dresses(a line) and spinning dresses, like this one.

  2. Great job on the charity quilt. I didn't realize it was so big until I saw it in person last night. I love what you did with the back.

  3. LOL...i warned you that those little hexes could be addicting. you may have just as many as i do now, if not more!! avery's dress is too cute, you are gonna have to give me some encouragement on the whole making clothes thing..i just don't seem to have it in me. could not have chosen a better pattern for that dolce fabric.....LOVE IT!!! I can not wait to see it finished!! I may also have to try my hand at that block style!

  4. It would be impossible to find time to update your blog and do all of the sewing you do, you already seem like a super mama.
    Awesome job on the charity quilt by the way. And that dress for Avery is super cute! Now she can continue to get her twirl on.

  5. Wow, good post! You're a busy lady. Love love love that poppy block, it looks so awesome. I may have to try that too. I wanna get into hexes as well, might just have to join the crowd.

    PS LOVE your paintbox quilt!! Hop on over to our blog, we'd love to feature that quilt and you!

  6. Nicole. You are crazy amazing! Is Avery twirling around in her dress? Love it!

  7. i haven't been by to see what you've been up to... WOW! i'm totally lovin' it. i'm officially re-inspired. quilts are calling :]

  8. That block really is fabulous, the mix of patterns is perfect!