Saturday, May 9, 2009


I have been sewing!  The Twilight series is done...and yes, I'm a little depressed but now I can be productive!

First up:  Wasabi!  The green quilt for Ruth...mostly Fresh Cut fabrics.

next:  Deep Sea 9 for my little bro.  Random 9 patch with 3 Tula Pink's Neptune charm packs minus the coral.   I will sash with navy blue.

Lastly, and my hubby's basketball quilt for Father's Day.  I love the bright colors, the woodgrain fabric and especially the one orange block.  It is a twin size...


  1. they look great!! i love the pattern you used for the fresh cuts one. is that the bento box?

  2. The first one is an interesting take on the Bento Box pattern. Looks good.

  3. i absolutely love the last one. the woodgrain for sashing looks so pretty

  4. Found your blog through a friends and I am impressed by the last quilt especially. I really like it alot.